Edex Alprostadil Known as Viridal Duo in the UK


EDEX (alprostadil) is an injectable drug recommended to treat erectile dysfunction. 

EDEX is a normally happening substance called prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). EDEX works by causing the veins and smooth muscle of the penis to unwind. The unwinding expands blood stream to the lacunar spaces of the penis, which entangles blood and causes engorgement and erection.


EDEX is directed by means of injection. Inject 2.5 mcg to 40 mcg intracavernously, substituting injection locales. Manage over a 5-10 second stretch and pack the injection site with a liquor swab for 5 minutes after organization. 

The measurement should initially be resolved through in-office organization at the specialist’s office. The specialist will regulate an underlying portion and on the off chance that the impact goes on for 60 minutes, that portion is utilized. On the off chance that the impact doesn’t keep going for 60 minutes, the portion is expanded. While deciding the underlying portion, one should remain until detumescence happens and the erection subsides. Close to two dosages ought to be directed in a 24 hour time span during the underlying titration. 

The injection method is determined during the underlying dose titration. After the appropriate dose is determined, the EDEX injection can be regulated at home. Try not to change the measurements of EDEX Alprostadil without first examining them with the specialist. The greatest recurrence during support treatment is close to multiple times week by week, with, in any event, 24 hours between portions.


The active ingredient in EDEX is alprostadil.


Use EDEX with alert on the off chance that you have a background marked by cardiovascular occasions. EDEX can cause hypotension (low circulatory strain) and unsteadiness. 

Circle back to your primary care physician somewhere around at regular intervals while taking EDEX. Standard subsequent will help recognize any penile changes and side effects. 

Try not to join EDEX with other erectile dysfunction medicines. 

Try not to reuse or share needles.

Side Effects

The most well-known unfriendly effects from EDEX may include: 

  • Ecchymosis 
  • Hematoma 
  • Penile angulation 
  • Penile fibrosis 
  • Penile agony 
  • Drawn out erection 

Follow-up care is vital while taking EDEX, and can help recognize the early admonition indications of unfavorable effects. Try to routinely see your PCP (normally at regular intervals), while you are taking EDEX.


Q. It appears to be that there are a few distinct prescriptions reasonable for injections. What are they and what are the compromises? 

A. Every one of these meds will attempt to assist you with accomplishing an erection. You ought to consistently counsel your doctor to examine which is best for you. A portion of the drugs right now being used incorporate the accompanying: 

  1. Papaverine is accessible with ease and is steady at room temperature yet is less viable than different drugs and may have a higher propensity to cause scarring (fibrosis). 
  2. Papaverine in addition to phentolamine is more powerful than papaverine alone yet with similar potential side effects, for example, priapism and scar tissue development. 
  3. Alprostadil infrequently causes priapism yet with its utilization torment is more normal. (Alprostadil is otherwise called prostaglandinE-1 or PGE-1, in powdered structure it could be called Caverject or Edex.) 
  4. Papaverine in addition to phentolamine in addition to Alprostadil (Trimix) is the most strong however requires refrigeration and has similar side effects as Papaverine and Alprostadil.

Q. What is the meaning of priapism? 

A. It is a drawn out erection. This is an effectively overseen however is a possibly genuine intricacy. Whenever overlooked, it might bring about extreme agony and complete feebleness requiring position of a penile prosthesis. Thusly, it is vital that on the off chance that you build up a full erection going on for over 4 hours, you should call your primary care physician on the double or go to the trauma center. 

Q. What would it be advisable for me to feel when I inject? Will it hurt? Would it be advisable for me to feel obstruction? Would i be able to feel if the needle is in too far or excessively shallow? 

A. As there are not many sensitive spots for torment here, there will presumably be only a slight passing distress. The needle ought to be pushed immovably until it is completely in the penis, slight obstruction might be felt. 

An autoinjector may diminish much further this fleeting agony. 

Q. Are there any signals you can offer me to tell when I’m in the opportune spot? Once in a while I feel more protection from the unclogger than different occasions; when that occurs, the injection generally fizzles. Why? How would it be advisable for me to respond? 

A. The measure of protection from pushing the unclogger is probably the best marker of good needle arrangement. In the event that a great deal of opposition is felt, the needle might be in excessively far or not far enough. Pull the needle back a little or push it in further. On the off chance that that doesn’t work pull out the needle and reinsert it in another recommended place. The unclogger ought to push down without any problem. Your PCP can illustrate. Try not to inject if the obstruction is solid. 

Q. In the event that I don’t get any reaction to an injection would i be able to circle back to another injection possibly to an alternate side of the penis and maybe utilizing a more modest portion? 

A. No, the principal injection may have penetrated the urethra or other tissue. A subsequent injection may cause more seeping in some unacceptable territory. The following time you inject (on one more day) do it on the opposite side of the penis. 

Q. What’s an autoinjector and how should it help me? 

A. An auto-injector is a spring-stacked gadget, which embeds the needle into the penis rapidly, limiting the distress and mental “reluctance.” It comes in two structures, a basic non-remedy gadget intended to embed the needle for you and a solution required gadget that likewise pushes down the unclogger for you. You can check with your nearby pharmacy to acquire the straightforward auto-injector (no remedy required). 

Besides, numerous men favor the autoinjector that doesn’t inject the meds for them since they keep up the fundamental feel to realize that they have injected in the ideal spot and to the correct profundity (The patient actually pushes the unclogger, there is no agony related with this.) If the unclogger doesn’t push effectively, as occurs once in a while, pull out the needle a little and attempt the unclogger once more. On the off chance that it is as yet hard to push the unclogger, utilize the autoinjector in an alternate area in the penis. 

Numerous men are upbeat utilizing the autoinjector. Check with your nearby pharmacy to acquire one. A few men have individual involvement in the Becton Dickinson “Inject-Ease” programmed injector, however there are different brands accessible. They are not pricey. 

Q. At what point should the needle enter the penis? Would it be a good idea for it to be 90 degrees or a shallower point to avoid the urethra? 

A. The point of injection can be characterized in two distinctive commonly autonomous manners. One route is as seen from above and the alternate path is as found in a “front view.” Ninety degrees ought to be utilized in each view. 

Injecting the needle at 90 degrees will guarantee that you won’t penetrate the urethra. A shallow injection ought not be utilized on the grounds that the medicine won’t get into the corpora cavernosa, and not be successful. 

Q. How is the right measurement decided? How would I know when I have the correct portion? 

A. Portion comprises of both the strength of the prescription and the sum utilized. With the fitting strength and measure of medication as dictated by a doctor (normally under 1cc), erections generally happen in 5 to 10 minutes, keep going for roughly 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and become more unbending if sexual incitement happens. 

Q. Would injections be able to be utilized while taking Viagra orally? Assuming this is the case, can a lower portion be utilized? 

A. You ought not inject and take Viagra simultaneously. Utilizing the two medicines together causes an expanded chance of priapism. (Consider rotating utilizing Viagra and injections.) 

Q. Can this issue be the consequence of ill-advised injection procedure? 

A. Indeed. The patient should ensure that he keeps up tension on the injection site for 5 minutes to quit dying; including conceivable inner draining that won’t be seen. Additionally, consideration should be paid to the specialist’s directions on where to inject, the variation of injection destinations, and the recurrence of injections. 

Q. It is hard for me to inject on the two sides, since I am correct given I experience issues injecting on one side. I inject under 100 times each year. Is it essential to inject the two sides? 

A. It is better on the off chance that you can inject the two sides. You can’t turn out badly with exchanging sides regardless of whether you just use injections month to month. Notwithstanding, you don’t have to change sides if injections are utilized not as much as double seven days. 

Q. What sorts of drugs or methodology are not too far off to assist men with erectile dysfunction? 

A. Prostaglandin, which is as of now injected and utilized as a urethral suppository, is being tried in a clinical preliminary for another utilization. This preliminary is to put prostaglandin gel to the urethral opening at the tip of penis. New pills and nasal showers are being tried in the research facility and in clinical preliminaries including prescriptions that would be given at the hour of prostate medical procedure to secure the enormous nerve.